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At Traverse, everything we do is bespoke. We work on a campaigns that can range from simple content creation to year long partnerships that include influencer trips, live streaming, 360 video and more with over 100 influencers. We’re always more than happy to come up with a few examples of how we could deliver for different oganisations, if you’d like to have a chat then just drop us a line and we’ll be in contact with some ideas.

Our involvement on campaigns can also range from simply introducing your brand to the best influencers to full campaign creation, management and reporting.

Case Studies

Looking to hold an influencer event? At Traverse, events are our bread and butter, our team have been running influencer events since 2010, before they really even existed! Bespoke events that we have run in the last year alone vary from small drinks receptions for 20 top influencers to week-long trips with a two-day conference attached. We have run events for brands, destinations and agencies in the UK, Australia and America with the attendance ranging from five to over 200. As with everything at Traverse, we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ events, so make sure to get in touch with your requirements or queries and see what we can do for you.


If you’re looking for lower key, but longer term influencer relationships then this could be perfect. At service we offer includes all of your influencer management, working as if ‘in house’, we can look after new enquiries from bloggers, arrange YouTube reviews or coordinate Instagram campaigns on a month by month basis or as an annual plan or longer.


The other half of Traverse, we run some of the largest influencer events in the world. Our flagship event, Traverse 18, is a conference and urban festival that will take place next in Rotterdam. We also partner with Reed Exhibitions as the official influencer partner of World Travel Market London. Other Traverse events include skills specific retreats, one night networking parties, mini conferences and the world’s first influencer festival. With all Traverse Events, we work with fantastic partners who support and sponsor the events, often combined with other services. If you’d like to find out more about the sponsorship opportunities, you can download the Traverse 18 sponsor deck, visit the Traverse Events website or contact us directly for a quick and personal reply.

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